Tourists can see the place through the glass dome included in the Crew Dragon capsule

Elon Musk, SpaceX boss before Dragon Capsule, May 29, 2014.- JCHONG / AP / SIPA

Although it is very high, you can enjoy the panoramic view. SpaceXWho promised to send
Tourists In space, I understood it better. Transportation service
Dragon Crew It will actually offer a glass dome on its surface, which will allow it to provide 360-degree view to its occupants, he notes.
01 net.

Safety cochlear opening

Replacing the dome docking adapter. Elon MuskThe person who announced the change posted a screenshot of the dome on Twitter. This will appear as soon as the spacecraft orbits the Earth. For this, the security card must be opened.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, which used it last year, has already been certified by NASA 01 net. This version is not used by the US space agency.

Next September

The first passenger flight operated by SpaceX is scheduled for next September Future science. The first full-fledged civil space mission of a spacecraft will be operated and funded by businessman and billionaire Jared Isaacman.

He will be accompanied by another man and two women. The millionaire who paid the airfare, believing they were worthy of members of American civil society. This inaugural mission, called Inspiration 4, will take astronauts on a three-day free flight into Earth orbit at an altitude of 540 kilometers. The dome will be installed when he returns.

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