Trudeau says epidemics should not be controlled until case numbers ‘decline’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today called on the provinces to adhere to strict public health measures until the number of Govt-19 cases is much lower than it is now – so that Canadians can enjoy a “one-dose summer”.

Speaking to reporters at the COVID-19 conference, Trudeau said that now that vaccines continue to be provided within the country, there will be enough footage to vaccinate every eligible Canadian by at least one dose by the end of June.

But he said vaccines alone would not crush the third wave that extends the country’s health care system to its borders.

Trudeau said stricter public health regulations, such as locks in Ontario, should take the number of COVID-19 cases to a more manageable level in the future.

Dr David Williams, Ontario’s chief medical officer, said the number of new cases reported daily in the province on Monday should be less than 1,000.

2,073 new infections have been reported in Ontario today. Alberta – the province with the largest number of individual cases in the country – has reported 1,597 new cases in the last 24 hours.

‘We could have a better summer’

Trudeau said continuous restrictions in May and early June, coupled with strong vaccinations, would allow Canadians to enjoy a normal summer-like experience.

“In some places, we all know that cases are very high. Public health restrictions cannot be eased until cases are reduced. We all want a summer where we can see our loved ones and invite our friends for a BBQ,” Trudeau said.

“We could have a better summer, a dose summer.”

Pointing to modeling data from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Trudeau said states should begin raising public health restrictions only if 75 percent of adults have at least one vaccine dose.

Watch: Trudeau asks Canadians to get their first vaccine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to reporters during a regular epidemic conference on Tuesday. 2:10

Some provinces are on track to do it before Canada Day – but to achieve that goal most Canadians will have to roll up their sleeves for a shirt when it comes their turn.

“We need to crack down on COVID across the country,” Trudeau said.

The Prime Minister said that facilitating locking and other control measures too soon would lead to another wave of COVID-19 cases, which would disrupt the country’s progress on vaccines. According to federal data, 40 percent of adults already have a shot.

Trudeau said a single dose would follow the “two-dose fall” of summer, and many Canadians would approach the second booster COVID-19 shot.

Trudeau said he is “excited” to think about the future when vaccines are plentiful, and that COVID-19 eruptions can be managed through contact tracking and targeted actions instead of blind closures. Going there will require constant “awareness” so that the provinces can “bring the new cases under complete control,” he said.

Dr. Theresa Tom, Canada’s chief public health officer, said restricting social and economic life now would help the country avoid the fourth wave.

Tom recommends that provinces follow a formula before loosening locks: 75 percent of the population must have at least one shot, and at least 20 percent must be fully vaccinated with both doses.

The only way to beat the virus once and for all is to vaccinate Canadians, Tom said.

Tom said Canada would purchase enough of the astrogenic vaccine to give everyone who received the first dose a second shot of the same product. Concerns have been raised about rare freezing events among those who have been vaccinated with Astrogenica; Tom said other options may be available to Canadians based on the results of an ongoing UK study.

The University of Oxford is studying an “incompatible” vaccine system, giving a dose of AstraZeneca and giving a Pfizer booster shot as a result.

Although experimental data have not yet been released, some scientists recommend such a combination Forms a strong immune response Than two sizes of the same product.

Watch: Tom talks about AstraZeneca second dose and mixing vaccines

Dr. Theresa Tom, Canada’s chief public health officer, said the government would ensure that people could receive their second dose of the Astrogenene COVID-19 vaccine, and that Health Canada would continue to review studies on vaccine admixture. 1:34

“We follow the growing science to provide the most up-to-date advice on whether the combination of tables is the right way to go,” Tom said.

The federal government will “constantly monitor” the security and distribution situation of Astrogenega – Next Delivery dates for this product have not yet been finalized – But it is ultimately up to the provinces to “determine the exact details of their vaccine roll,” Trudeau said.

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