Twitter opens up spaces for anyone with more than 600 followers

A day after announcing that the clubhouse test Android version of its application In closed beta, Twitter now has its live audio product, called Space Available to anyone with more than 600 followers.

If you have more than 600 followers, you can host the space session on Twitter’s iOS or Android app. But no matter how many followers you have, you can still play different live conversations and get the chance to do so Speak if the appraisers of a space call you so.

The reason behind the company opening up the gaps for everyone with this particular number of followers is that their sessions may have slightly more traction than users with low number of followers:

Based on what we have learned so far, these accounts may have a good experience of delivering live conversations due to existing audiences. Before bringing the ability to create a space for everyone, we focus on learning more, making it easier to find gaps, and helping people enjoy themselves with a better audience.

Twitter Intervals were initiated during the test phase Last year, and gradually Opened it For more users. Last night’s announcement was the biggest extension of this feature.

The social network wants this product from competitors like Clubhouse by allowing hosts to sell tickets for special sessions. Why not pay a little more to join an exclusive and limited session with someone like Rihanna?

This feature is an upcoming addition to Twitter “Super follows” That Allows you to pay for and subscribe to the account for bonus content. Twitter also includes the option to open a break session for your subscribers.

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