Two Vanaka New World supermarkets will open on Good Friday in violation of the law

Two new world supermarkets in Vanuatu will open on Good Friday. (File photo)

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Two new world supermarkets in Vanuatu will open on Good Friday. (File photo)

Two New World supermarkets in Waknaka want to remain open in violation of the law on Good Friday – a union says an action has caught the attention of union analysts.

Shops are required by law to close on Good Friday. Those caught violating the law can be fined up to $ 1000.

Antonette Laird, head of corporate affairs at New Zealand Foods, said its two Venaga stores would be open “to meet the needs of the community.”

He said that due to the small size of Venaka, there were already a limited number of grocery options.

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“If the stores don’t open, the sudden arrival of Kiwi holiday makers will really struggle to meet their grocery needs,” Laird said.

This year’s Easter holiday comes against the backdrop of a “very challenging year” for Queenstown and Venuga as they have been “severely affected” by the Covit-19 and the shortage of international tourists.

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Former Lake Vanaka Tourism General Manager James Helmore explained in March that tourism in Venaka was severely affected by the Govt-19. (The video was first released in March 2020).

Two new world supermarkets may open legally on Easter Sunday Local policy Queenstown Lakes District Council.

“Many businesses are struggling – the Easter holiday is a time when local tourism can provide much needed revenue for local businesses and a real boost to the community,” Laird said.

“We know the local community appreciates the ability to access essential groceries during the holidays,” he said.

FIRST Union Regional Secretary Paul Watson said a man from the local community regretted advertising that two supermarkets were open.

“This blatant abuse of the holiday law is horrendous,” Watson said.

He said the labor inspector was now conducting an investigation following a formal complaint by the union.

Watson said he understood that supermarket owners would be approached.

“Employers are completely limited and pay profits above the well-being of their workers,” he said.

Labor Analyst, Employment New Zealand, which is part of the Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Labor analyst David Milne, regional manager, said he had previously contacted large retailers such as Foods and Countdown to remind them of their obligations during the prohibited trading days.

Milne declined to confirm whether two specific New World supermarkets are under investigation.

“The Labor Analyst has not released operational details related to the implementation of the shop business,” he said.

One of the New World supermarkets is on Dunmore Street and the other is on Sir Tim Wallis Drive.

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