Vancouver Canucks player on leave after being charged with sexual abuse

The woman has spoken to Glacier Media and identified the man as Vancouver Canucks forward Jack Wirtanen, 24.

Allegations of sexual abuse surfaced online against an NHL player.

The woman spoke exclusively with Glacier Media and identified the man as Vancouver Canucks forward Jack Wirtanen, 24.

“I couldn’t believe he said no, he didn’t take it for a reply,” he says. “I felt overwhelmed and total and wanted to leave.”

Glacier Media has admitted not to identify her due to fears of a general setback. For the purpose of this story, we will refer to her as ‘Emily’.

Although Emily contacted the police, there were no charges and none of these allegations were proven in court.

In an email statement Friday evening, Vancouver said the Canucks player has been placed on leave.

“We are aware of allegations against one of our players. Our organization does not condone any form of sexual harassment and the reported claims are being taken very seriously by us,” said a Canucks spokesman. “

The alleged incident took place in September 2017.

The two agreed to meet, and Virtanen picked her up and took her to a Vancouver hotel where sexual abuse allegedly took place.

Emily spoke as she saw other women in Anonymous coming forward with their own experiences Instagram account.

A Vancouver criminal defense attorney says any person charged in Canada is innocent until proven guilty and only until the court finds them guilty.

“Leaving someone on leave when an incident is being investigated is not a sign that someone is guilty of a crime,” says Kyla Lee of Acumen Law. “This is to give an organization or an employer time to investigate all aspects of the issue, to give the police time if they are involved in the investigation and to see what happens in the court process.”

Virtanen declined to comment, saying it was his right. The Canadian justice system considers people innocent, and he deserves that speculation.

“As a defense lawyer, one of the first things we often do in a high case is not give the media an opinion,” Lee says. “Any information you provide to the media is publicly available information that you may cross-examine at trial.

The NHL subcommittee confirms that Bill Daly is aware of the league allegations.

“We are aware of this issue and have been in touch with the club about an appropriate response,” Daley says. “We have no further comment at this time.”

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