November 29, 2022

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Velez snatches playoff berth with victory over Astros

Velez snatches playoff berth with victory over Astros

HOUSTON – It looked too perfect to see Aaron Nola Almost perfect Monday night in Minute Maid Park.

Nola is the longest-serving player with the Phillies, making his debut in July 2015. Evelyn is the second longest-serving player in the position, making his debut in June 2016. They had a 90-loss season and a late-season breakdown. But on Monday, they booked Velez win 3-0 On the stars to send them past the season for the first time since 2011. NOLA made 6 2/3 runs on the most important start to his career. Evelyn delivered the perfect ninth inning for the first time in his career.

Then, they smiled, popped the champagne bottles and celebrated.

“It’s been a long time preparing,” Nola said.

“This is exactly what you dream about,” Evelyn said. “That’s what you want. But we’re just getting started. We want to do this four more times.”

The Feliz hit the field on Monday with their magic number one. They only needed one win or one loss from the Brewers to achieve post-season.

The Brewers won, which means the Phillies need to win. It was better that way. Phils didn’t want to go back to anything. Philadelphia managing partner John Middleton and ownership have been spending money for years trying to get this team back beyond the season, but they have failed at each of the last four September members. They have tried everything. They tried the next big thing in Gabby Kapler. They tried former world champion Joe Girardi. Signed senior free agents. They made great deals.

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Phillies were 22-29 on June 3, when Chief of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski fired Gerardi and replaced him with interim manager Rob Thompson.

Philadelphia started winning, though players like Bryce Harper, Jean Segura, Zach Wheeler and Evelyn were injured.

“I think when we got going when I signed here in 2019, I think I said it would take two years,” Harper said. “We’re not where we need to be right now, of course. This is the first step to greater success and a greater chance of getting what we need. But we’re going to enjoy this, we’re going to have fun. There’s nothing like exploding bottles in October, and I’m excited to be a part of this.” “.

Schwarber quickly established himself this year as a captain at the Velez Club. He is an experienced expert and a trusted voice. He’s someone who settles on struggling starters and reassures an entire team that just because he’s had disappointments in the past doesn’t mean he’s destined for the same fate again.

“It’s very satisfying, because you know what – it’s a long season…” said Schwarber. “It’s an incredibly long time, and to see the things we’ve been through as a team, going through the manager change, going through Harp regressing, going through Seggy regressing, going through Wheeler down there, going through the naysayers who say we can’t catch up with baseball, makes It is more satisfying to be where we are.

Nola hit the nine, blending diver, curveball and four-stitch fastball beautifully. He had a perfect match with two wins in the seventh game when he succumbed to the oath of Yordan Alvarez. David Hensley followed with another song.

“Honest with God, I thought Nola would put in a great game, she really did,” Thompson said. “And when I went out to get him out, I thought he was going to chew my head. He had that look in his eye. But all night, that look in his eye was like, ‘I’m going to do this thing.'”

Bryson Stott Schwarber hit my teammates back-to-back at eight. Alvarado 1-2-3 pitched the lower half of the frame. Evelyn needed only 14 floors to finish the match. Brandon March Caught in the final in the middle of the field.

“We’ll find out what we’re going to do with it,” he said.

The drought is over. finally.

“It’s the best,” Hoskins said. “I’m drenched in all sorts of beer and champagne. My eyes hurt. I can’t see straight, but it’s the best.”

“We want to get it done for them,” Schwarber said of Phillies fans. “We’re not here trying to screw things up. We’re here trying to win. Now that we’re here, we’re going to try to make it happen [celebration] Go back to Philadelphia and get these guys to sit down and listen to what this thing is all about. I want to see her. I want you to hear it. I’ve seen videos. It looks incredible, and I want to see it with my own eyes, so our job is to give it back to them now.”

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