July 4, 2022

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Video – War in Ukraine: The first images of American Himmers rocket launchers, most feared by Moscow, already in operation

Ukraine’s Armed Forces began deploying US Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) Himars in the field on Thursday.

Great to hit A goal 80 km away And for the most mobile, several rocket launchers of Himars are already in use in Ukraine.

During their Distribution Was Confirmed Thursday By the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, their Involvement in the field Would have been For the first time Documented on Friday, June 24th.

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War in Ukraine: US’s Himars missile missiles capable of striking Moscow, feared by Russia, have arrived in Ukraine.

Much Feared by the KremlinBecause of its ability to strike more deeply into Russian territory, especially Moscow, these weapons would have been Actively filmed Overnight from Thursday to Friday.

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The most advanced American system

To date, the M142 HimarsIt will take at least several weeks to complete this America’s most advanced multi-missile missile system. It must allow the Ukrainian army Causing more damage For Russian tanks and armored vehicles “from the safe zone”.

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Russian correspondent

The pictures below, published by Russian journalist Alexander Gotze, do not say whether he is the author himself, but show the publication. Multiple missiles at two or three second intervals. Reporter Komsomolskaya Pravda confirms that these missiles were launched from the Slovenes by American MRLS Himars. In Donbass Artillery wars there are furious.

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The video shared on the Telegram network is with this message: “The first combat application of HIMARS MLRS in the Sloviansk region. Who said it takes months for teams to train?