March 30, 2023

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Violence rises to 72 after imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma

The protests, which began on July 8, gained momentum again on Tuesday.

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There is no escalation of violence Decreases No. Violence in South Africa, which was initially triggered by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, rose to 72 on Tuesday, July 13, most of which caused a stir during the looting.

“The total number of those arrested is 1,234 and the death toll is 72“In the evening, police announced in a statement that 45 people had been killed in the previous incident.

Most deaths occurred during “Justing while looting shops and malls”, Other deaths and injuries are linked “ATM machine explosions and shootings”, Police said.

Despite calls from peace officials and the deployment of about 2,500 troops, thousands of South Africans continued to gather on Tuesday to clear barns and shops, especially in Durban, a major port city in the Indian Ocean.

This unrest is triggered by a general dissatisfaction with unemployment at 32.6% and the ban on controlling the third deadly wave of Govt-19 pollution by the end of June. Police fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, causing panic races in the parking lots of commercial areas or on the streets of affected cities, on sidewalks surrounded by broken glass and debris.

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