Viral video: Giant monitor lizard wreaks havoc in Thai supermarket

In a frightening moment, a giant monitor lizard panicked in a Thai supermarket. In a video that is now going viral on social media, shopkeepers heard screams in the background as a giant reptile emerged from a canal near Nakhon Pathom and tried to climb onto the shelves inside the store.

Originally shared by Thai travel company Mundo Nomada, the clip was later removed by account. However, it was widely shared on many social media sites.

Take a look Video here:

One step Daily Mail The 6-foot-long lizard entered the 7-Eleven store in Nakhon Pathom and caused havoc by throwing food and drink boxes to the ground.

“I only stopped at the store to buy some food, and then I saw the big monitor lizard inside. I wanted to buy a drink, but the animal drinks were very close to the aisle,” a shocked customer at the store told Narumba Tongs’ news website: “They are dangerous animals, especially when they are angry. , I came back and recorded it on my phone. I think there is everything even for lizards in the shops, ”he added.

Posting the incident, a rescue team reached the spot, dragged the monitor lizard out of the store and took it to a nearby underground.

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