June 7, 2023

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Viral video – Licensed he causes an accident in minutes: A young woman becomes the object of laughter in Spain

Of course, everything was filmed from beginning to end. Social media did the rest.

Ah … 18 years old! Irresponsible age, first experiences … and driving license. A young woman Tarragona (Catalonia) I wanted this most important moment in life to be immortal. Thus, a few days ago she filmed herself, patiently waiting for her instructor to bring her precious document, which she picked up at the new service station. A video message to share your happiness with your friends Share.

“I’ll definitely laugh about it later”

With the license in hand, the young driver then drove home. There, his mother, on her cell phone, was waiting for him, with the immortal thought of that moment. On the other hand, she certainly did not expect her daughter to control her path badly and crash into a car parked in front of the family home … her brother’s!

“I’ll definitely laugh about this later, but now I’m so angry with myself.”He testified in the same Whatsapp group. “They’re all very angry, not at me, but at the situation.”

The video (below), especially editing this Spaniard’s adventures, was viewed almost 2 million times on Twitter alone. A little play viral on the other side of the Pyrenees, According to our colleagues in the Diary de Girona.

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