December 7, 2022

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Weather forecast – Thunderstorms have not raised the size of the lake yet


More than 35,000 lightning bolts with hail and heavy rain hit the country early Saturday morning and night. It will rain with thunder on Sunday.

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Christine Talos / Pauline Rump

The night from Saturday to Sunday was the hardest in Switzerland. In fact, it rained violent thunderstorms across the country throughout the evening. By midnight, more than 30,000 lightning strikes had struck, and 5,000 strikes had been recorded since after midnight, Meat News reported in a statement Sunday. In particular, the St. Gallen, Appenzell, Durgav and Zurich Oberland zones were affected.

French-speaking Switzerland, especially in the Trois-Lox region, north of the Jura and Wad. In Freeborg, the flood required about thirty firefighting interventions, including half a dozen; The rest uprooted trees and other natural phenomena. Hail fell in the township, especially in the Sareen district. Bern’s canton was also affected on the side of Sealand and Bernice Jura. Police listed about 45 ads. If the storms had affected Waddois and New Setolois, no incident would have been reported, and the canton of Valais would have largely not been saved.

The hail hit Grande Peroch (NE).

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The recession continues

Concerns around the size of the lakes this weekend focused on it, which began to decline after reaching record levels. It may take some time to see the impact, as water sometimes travels long distances between where it falls and where it overflows.

On Sunday morning, however, no warning of a new increase was issued, either on Peel Lake or on the scale of New Settle. The most recent measurements indicate that the level is slowly declining. However, there is awareness with the new thunder expected on Sunday and during the coming week.

By 10 a.m. Sunday, Peel's water level continued to drop.

By 10 a.m. Sunday, Peel’s water level continued to drop.

Source: Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

Well-watered German-speaking Switzerland

Heavy rain fell in places. According to a tweet from Meeto News, 33 millimeters of water fell in 10 minutes on the Appenzell in Oberoi. According to the weather service, it is rare to see such a large amount of water in such a short period of time. But the record of 41 millimeters / m2 measured in Lausanne in June 2018 did not fall. However, the amount of rainfall is very different. 70 mm of rain fell in 24 hours and a record was set in Rabi (DI) at 1900 meters.

Like Quinton (SG), violent gases were recorded in the approach of thunderstorms, where the wind blew at 87 km / h. Caesarean Mount, in Bernice Jura, recorded values ​​of 78 km / h, while winds blew through La del (VD) at 62 km / h.

There is hail

Hail fell in many places. Photos of SRF Matteonius on Twitter showed the size of ping pong balls across Switzerland.

Mito News explained that thunderstorms lashed the northeast and southwestern Switzerland before moving towards the plateau and Jura. Supercell has moved significantly in the Trois-Lox region.

Always vigilant

It’s not over. The weather forecast for this Sunday will also be very unpredictable. When it rained on the menu in the early morning in French-speaking Switzerland, it was Ticino who started raining heavily. A warning has also been launched for the region. But thunderstorms are likely to hit the northern and mountainous parts of the country by noon.

At noon on Sunday, the Lucerne region was hit by a violent storm of hail. The streets were partially flooded. Lucerne police have received more than 210 incident reports. But no one was injured.

The Juk region was also hit by violent thunderstorms at noon on Sunday. In the short term, many cellars, underground garages and streets in the municipalities of Rish, Juke, Walshville, Undergerie and Obergeri were flooded. Some parts of the road had to be temporarily closed due to high water levels. But cantonal police in Juke did not report any injuries.

The weather, which is clear and thunderstorms, will continue until Thursday, according to Meeto Swiss.

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