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What are the Key Ways That Start-ups Can Get Into the eSports Industry?

What are the Key Ways That Start-ups Can Get Into the eSports Industry?

The eSports industry is getting bigger every year, and is expected to be worth $1.8 billion by next year. There is a vast amount of potential for start-up businesses to come in and earn a piece of this ever-expanding pie which is still in its embryonic stages. There are various ways to make money from competitive gaming, aside from the obvious route of attempting to become an eSports athlete.

Form Partnerships with Budding Teams

There are opportunities for existing businesses to piggyback on the success of eSports, even if they are based in industries that have nothing to do with competitive gaming. This can come in the form of brand and event sponsorship deals. Many of the world’s biggest brands have already jumped on the success of eSports, with the likes of Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola penning lucrative deals with companies to host events.

These world-famous brands have invested a lot of money at the top of the eSports industry, but there are plenty of entry points available for smaller companies. Lesser-known businesses could seek to forge sponsorship agreements with up-and-coming eSports players and teams who could end up being successful in the future.

Build Pages That Integrate Streaming and Betting

It seems safe to say that over the next decade, there will be an influx of sites that allow people to watch, play, and bet on eSports events. Twitch and YouTube Gaming have led the way with the viewing side of things up to now, but there are still few well-known channels that have integrated streaming and betting. This could be a potential start-up idea, and it could be easier to establish than you might think.

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You don’t need to be a web developer to be able to build a fully functioning website in 2021. Instead, you can turn to online sports betting solutions that have everything laid out and ready to use For instance, this example allows users to build an integrated experience across multiple channels without the need to invest in new hardware as it is a 100% web-based application. These tools could easily be appropriated by someone seeking to develop an eSports betting site rather than one for traditional sports.

Create an eSports Event

One of the most exciting ways to make some money from the eSports industry could be to create a new eSports competition. Thus far, audiences for competitive gaming have been relatively small compared to those of live sports, meaning that there is no need to have a massive venue to host a competition.

Using a town hall or a movie theatre, for example, could be perfectly fine options in the early days of a new competition. These events would attract a lot of sponsorship from local businesses, and could potentially earn revenue by selling tickets to spectators. Who knows, after a few years it might even be as big as The International.

The eSports industry is threatening to conquer the world over the next decade, and it is the ideal time for businesses to try to get their share of the spoils. Acting early is key, before the market becomes too saturated.