What time is Godzilla vs Kong streaming on HBO Max?

Godzilla Vs Kong Details

Release Date: March 31 (3:01 AM ET)
actors: Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Alexander Scorskard
Director: Adam Wingard
Age rating: Fiji-13
Run time: 113 min
Rotten Tomato Score: 83%

Godzilla vs Kong is curious at what point he wins HBO Max? Here’s the funny thing about streaming releases: Without showtimes, studios only announce dates in commercials, leaving us to figure it out When exactly Get a movie to watch online.

The good news is that most people will be able to see Godzilla vs Kang at a desirable time tomorrow, March 31. Meanwhile, those who are not trapped at home by social distance make this battle of the Titans number one internationally.

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