What we know about the Conax Govt-19 eruption, a week later

Vancouver – A week after the Vancouver Connaught Govt-19 eruption, we can see the full scope of the crisis. This has affected most of the sequence.

Rookie Niles Hocklander brings the number of players tested in favor of an additional 17 on Monday to the NHL’s Govt Protocol list. Another unnamed player from the taxi team is isolated as a high-risk close contact. All three members of the training staff tested positive, raising the number of people killed by the largest and most dangerous outbreak of NHL epidemics to 21.

Of the 24 players who took part in the Connaught morning skate last Wednesday, the game against the Calgary Flames was postponed and only a few hours before the end of Vancouver ‘s season, defenders Jordi Ben and Nate Schmidt, and Brock Posher, J.T. Miller, Jimmy Wessey, Jake Wirtanen and Tyler Kravak were not placed in the COVID protocol. They are constantly isolated.

Ben tested positive for the corona virus in January and has antibodies after being infected with at least two Canucks viruses before the start of this season, Sportsnet learned.

But Connex winger Jayas Howrell proves that once tolerated COVID does not guarantee future immunity.

Havriluk was one of seven players added to the Canucks Govt list on Saturday after signing the Corona virus when he was with the Ottawa Senators last March.

Due to Havriluk’s re-infection, but the speed and imbalance of the Canucks eruption and Vancouver’s position as a global hotspot for the virus’ B-1 strain, the league and club continue to be under the confidence that they will handle the most pervasive variation that has emerged in Brazil.

Canucks is still waiting for the results of the laboratory screening on Monday to confirm that the P-1 variant has exploded.

The outburst began when winger Adam Cadet was pulled from practice on Tuesday after the results of the test the next day identified him as COVID-positive. Defensive player Travis Hamonic was fully involved in the skate on Wednesday morning, just before the test of the same day revealed a positive result 90 minutes before that night game against the Flames was postponed. So Knox had two ice sessions with the affected players.

As with any virus outbreak, symptoms vary between players. Some people notice common flu-like conditions such as fever and fatigue, while others suffer from severe symptoms such as vomiting. In one or two cases, the dehydration was severe, and Conax sent medical staff to send IV drops to soldiers in their homes.

One of the soldiers reported flu-like symptoms one day and severe fatigue the next.

However, no concussion was admitted to the hospital and some of the players who experienced the symptoms are now in the recovery phase of their disease.

The NHL has not updated the Canucks schedule since Thursday, when it set four goals in total and set goals for returning to training on Tuesday and playing on Thursday.

With half a dozen players on the Vancouver list, the COVID protocol list goes on Fridays and Saturdays, and those promising goals are clearly not being met.

Vancouver reporter Irfan Kafar tweeted on Monday that the team would be isolated until at least Sunday.

Canucks recalled Canadian Minor-League players Arturs Silves (from Manitoba) and Guillo Brispois (Laval), and Cole Linde should be available if needed because the winger traveled from Utica comets to Vancouver. The Govt crisis began.

Comets emerging from their own corona virus shutdown are waiting to send reinforcements as soon as Connaught knows when they will play again. Those mini-league players who crossed the border were subjected to seven days of isolation.

The opening month bursts in New Jersey and Buffalo went 15 days and 14 days between games for those teams, respectively. But Devils and Sabers did not handle the P-1 variant.

Although NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly Said Province In a weekly email, the league sent out warning groups on Saturday of non-compliance, saying “I have no indication that Connaught as a system is loose in complying with our protocols.”

“As we approach the extension flow of the 2020/21 regular season, we began to encounter events that did not comply with the COVID-19 protocol, resulting in COVID virus (and super- infectious types),” began the reference for Conax and other teams. Isolation at the club level and other obstacles to club practices and schedules. The purpose of this memorandum is to remind club staff that now is not the time to focus and comply with the COVID-19 protocol. ”

In a one-day note to players and agents, NHL Players Association Managing Director Donald Fehr wrote about Conax: “More than half the players have now tested positive, and there are many positive ones among the staff. The initial symptoms are that this outbreak is one of the new concerns and they spread very easily.

“Needless to say, this is not the time to relax. Please be vigilant as you observe good public practices. ”

Since the explosion began, no one has been available from Canucks to answer questions about how closely players have adhered to NHL safety protocols, including wearing masks inside the dressing room.

General Manager Jim Penning released a statement on Sunday thanking fans and various organizations for their support and the medical care and guidance that Conax receives.

“Our focus continues to be on the health of everyone involved,” Penning said.

That is an honest statement. One week on, the crisis is still about humans, not hockey.

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