Wheeler has four points, and the Hellebok is stuffed as the Jets are empty Canucks

Winnipeg – Captain Blake Wheeler had two goals and two assists as the Winnipeg Jets beat Vancouver Canucks 5-0 to finish third in the Northern Division on Tuesday night.

Winnipeg (29-23-3) will face second-placed Edmonton Oilers (34-18-2) in the playoffs. The Jets’ victory also confirmed that the original six rivals, the Toronto Maple Leaves (35-13-6) and the Montreal Canadians (24-21-10), would meet in the post-season series.

Winnipeg needed a point to finish third in the tournament.

Kyle Connor with one goal and two assists, Mark Schiffel with one goal and one assist, rounded the score for Mason Appleton Winnipeg, which avenged a 3-1 defeat to Vancouver on Monday night. Connor Hellebok stopped 24 shots for the fourth shotout of his year and the 24th of his career.

Bradon Holdby stopped 31 shots for Vancouver (21-27-3), the last in the Northern Division.

Senior Jets forward Paul Stastney was honored ahead of the game, the 1,000th time in his NHL career. With his wife and two young children, the 35-year-old Stastny – who played for the Colorado Avalanche, the St. Louis Blues and the Golden Knights of Vegas – has always been the silver lining in custom art piece and first-owner history.

Connor opened the scoring at 7:48 with his 24th season, the second of several games against Vancouver. Connor took a nice tape pass from Wheeler before dropping Holdby.

Appleton had a good chance to score within four minutes, but Holdby saved Jets Vancouver 11-6.

Wheeler led Winnipeg 2-0 at 2:05, not recording his 14th place of the season. Wheeler received an assist for Skyfile’s diversion at 8:33, Skeepheel’s 21st, keeping an 11-10 edge towards the Vancouver goal.

Wheeler advanced to his second game and 15th of the season with a 4-0 lead at 10:44. Appleton recorded its 11th year at 11:54.

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