When will the Canada-US border reopen?

According to the cautious estimates of some experts, the voyage across the Canada-US border may resume in late summer or autumn, but they say the process will be complicated.

From March 2020, the border will be closed for essential travel such as tourism and leisure, as well as the closure agreement between Ottawa and Washington. It is expected to be updated on May 21st.

This agreement makes exceptions, for example, on compassionate grounds such as attending a funeral or applying for refugee status, and enforcement is less than complete.

But the question on most people’s minds is, when can I make my day trips across the border, says foreign policy expert Aaron Edinger.

“My answer to that is, it’s going to be a long, long time.”

Eddinger, an associate professor at Carleton University who specializes in Canadian and US foreign policy, said the borders would often be closed for at least a few more months.

On December 20, 2020, on the plane, a couple embrace in the historic State Park in the Peace Arch of the United States, just before crossing a ravine near Washington and returning to Canada. And family in the United States (Elaine Thompson / Abby)

“My gut says it will be with me [closed] At least in the fall of 2021, with last year’s epidemics, ICU admissions are now ten times worse than these things.

He says if the two countries solve public health problems, they will have to act politically.

“Politically, the United States and Canada should be on the same side … it would take a huge amount of diplomatic cross-border contacts,” he said.

Eddinger says he believes the border situation will not be resolved quickly, given how complex their relationship is already. He noted The United States has vaccinated the vast majority of its residents Than Canada.

“The United States may not be so concerned about allowing Canadian travelers across the border … but I can only imagine that any Canadian government would want the same treatment that Canadian offers to American travelers.”

Watch | Boundary year closed:

Let’s take a look at the number taken in a young family who split up a year after the Canada-US land border was closed for non-essential trips. 7:52

Complex relationship

According to Melissa Housman, a professor of political science at Carlton University, both people need to reach a certain level of vaccination and be satisfied with each other’s level before engaging in discussions.

“I think it’s a holiday for a few months,” he said.

More complicated is the fact that Canada cannot currently develop its own vaccine dose. He said Canada’s reliance on the United States for vaccination adds a layer of economy to the already complex political relationship.

“I would say my guess is probably [reopening in] In late summer, early on, I don’t even know if that will happen, ”he said.

What about isolated rules?

The rules for isolating passengers may also change after crossing the border, Eddinger says, as more people are being vaccinated and cases are dropping.

He referred to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau The possible vaccine is marked on the passport system Last week.

“Although he has not promised anything, it is a signal that he sees an integrated system in the future,” Eddinger said.

“The United States and Canada can create a North American vaccine passport to change and simplify the isolation rules currently in place.”

Federal Affairs Minister Dominique Leplank said last month it was too early to talk about reopening the border due to the uncertain path of epidemics in the coming months.

“For now, there is no active debate [about] Correcting those actions, ” He said then.

The Canadian Public Health Agency said in an email that the federal government “continues to assess the impact of border operations.”

“Decisions and considerations regarding the removal of those measures will be based on credible scientific evidence,” the company said.

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