Wild boars corner an Italian woman at a supermarket and steal her groceries

According to several local media outlets, pigs are a common sight in the suburbs of Rome, and can often be seen rumored to be in the rubbish bins

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A video posted on social media has re-emerged the debate over the presence of wild boar in Italian cities and towns, showing a herd of pigs cornering a woman in a supermarket parking lot and stealing her groceries.

Posted on Facebook on Thursday, The Video As he walks around a supermarket parking lot in the village of Lu Ruge in the province of Roma in Italy, he shows a female pig, four adults and two young pigs.

Female pigs can be seen trying in vain to shake, but the animals frantically follow. The woman, frustrated at the sight, finally has her shopping bags and watches torn by pigs in her groceries on the floor, while the younger ones eat as much as they can, while the adults carry their booty elsewhere.

“I can not believe my eyes,” the person who filmed the video could be heard saying in Italian.

The village of Lu Ruge, located within an hour’s drive from Rome, has a population of 2,879, according to 2011 data.

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According to several local media outlets, pigs are a common sight in the suburbs of Rome, and they can often be seen rumored to be through the rubbish bins in the suburbs.

According to Defender, An estimated two million wild boars roam Italy.

For some, hunting pigs is a popular pastime. For others, they may be a nuisance.

Italian farmers have protested in recent years, especially against wild boars destroying their lands and causing road accidents. The Guardian reports that wild boars cause an average of 10,000 road accidents a year in Italy.

There have also been reports of people being injured or killed in pig attacks, and there has been an increase in the spread of pigs by litter in urban areas.

Goldreti, Italy’s largest farmers’ association, has called on authorities to intervene in increasing pig numbers in some regions.

“We must act quickly and deploy the military if necessary,” Goldiretti said in a statement last month.

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