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In today’s NHL rumors, the Philadelphia Flyers are trying to make a final move to re-sign the UFA and the popular trade target pending before Monday’s deadline, while Minnesota Wild has their eyes set on getting a senior player forward and then extending his contract. Rumors are circulating that the Montreal Canadians are looking for a defenseman, but the discounts have an interesting name, and the Toronto Maple Leaves are a must-see when it comes to a Matthias Janmark trade.

Flyers trying to re-sign Lawton

Elliott Friedman brought the name of Scott Lawton Saturday Headline Report He also noted that many teams have shown interest ahead of the NHL trade deadline. Lawton and Flyer are trying to clean up an extension, Friedman notes, “We’ll see if we can close this in the next 48 hours.”

There were two teams of Toronto Maple Leaves and the Pittsburgh Penguins, which were rumored to be ahead, but for now, it seems he may not move. He can always go on a lease and return to the flyers in the summer, and if the question is high and a team is willing to pay the price, it may be worth considering a trade in Philadelphia anyway.

Wild interest in Nick Foligno

Friedman also said Nick Foligno is a must-see name because he may be interested in the Minnesota wilderness. The Sportsnet analyst wonders if they will make a play for the senior players to get him on the same team as his brother Marcus. Listening is obviously the first round choice and Columbus Blue Jackets think they will get it.

Michael Russo writes in a recent post for The Athlete:

“I have long suspected that this Officer Wild plan to pursue Columbus Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno in a free company …

Wild G.M. Bill Guerrero’s deadline says he’s not ready to pay the big price, and if Kecklinen is sure, he will be able to oust Wilde from any chance of getting him. I have trouble buying that Quirin will trade for him first.

Source – ‘Minnesota Wild Trade Deadline News: What does Wild have to pay to get Nick Foligno?’ – Michael Russo – Athlete – 04/11/2021

If he mentions Friedman’s Sportsnet report and trades for Folicno in Minnesota, they may immediately look to extend his contract and no longer hire him.

Maple leaves are of interest in Janmark

Chris Johnston noted during the Headlines report that Johnmark should be a name that generates interest in the next 24 hours. He was pulled from the Chicago Blackhawks line for precautionary reasons and may be a team investigating the maple leaves.

Matthias Janmark, Chicago Blackhawks (Chase Agnello-Teen / NHLI photo via Getty Images)

Johnston says, “Colorado may be a fit for Johnmark, and the leaves can be attached to him and the cost of both the acquisition and his contract is very affordable.” It seems that some of the names that initially targeted the leaves are no longer available, so it will be interesting to see if they put too much weight on a player who was not originally attached.

Interesting names on the discount wire, including Meat

Some interesting players hit the discount bar on Sunday, and it will be interesting to see if they are picked up before the Monday deadline. Among them, Alex Pega (Detroit), Danny Deckeyser (Detroit), Victor Mead (Montreal), Sami Watanen (New Jersey), Josh Healy (Nashville), Cody Colofev (Ottawa).

Wattenen is the name suggested by some insiders that he may be interested before a deadline and that a team like the Winnipeg Jets may be interested in Defenseman. Victor Mead was not put on discounts all season because the Canadians did not want to risk losing him to another team. Now, it seems that Canadians want to improve.

Could these be plays to open the hat space before Monday? Pierre LeBron writes, “Meet the discounts will reinforce the notion that Montreal will take a T before tomorrow’s deadline.”

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