Woolworths supermarket shopkeeper stumbles upon frozen steak in Sydney store

A Woolworths customer talks about his surprise after making an unexpected discovery in the meat aisle of his local store.

Matt, a Sydney shopkeeper, said he was shocked to find that the steak he had bought was actually “frozen solid”.

Check out the Woolworths shopkeeper’s meat video above

The customer posted a video of the meat on Facebook, which was later removed, showing how hard it was in the vacuum-sealed bag.

A Woolworths spokesman confirmed to 7NEWS.com.au that the incident took place at the store in question.

In the footage, you can hear Matt tapping the frozen meat loudly with his knee as if to say “frozen”.

The shopkeeper was surprised to find that the steak was ‘frozen solid’. debt: Facebook

“I was going to buy a steak from Woolworths tonight until I realized they were all frozen solid,” he wrote in a social media post.

“Ummmmm, is this new?”

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