July 24, 2024

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Zelensky accuses China of helping Russia sabotage the peace summit in Ukraine

Zelensky accuses China of helping Russia sabotage the peace summit in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused China of helping Russia disrupt the upcoming peace conference on the war in Ukraine.

Speaking at the first Asia Security Conference in Singapore, Zelensky claimed that Russia is using Chinese diplomats in the wider Asia region to influence and dissuade countries from attending the peace summit, scheduled to be held in the Bürgenstock resort, central Switzerland, on June 15-16. .

“Russia, using Chinese influence in the region, using Chinese diplomats as well, is doing everything to obstruct the peace summit,” Zelensky said at a press conference at the Shangri-La Defense Forum. He added: “It is unfortunate that a large, independent and powerful country like China is a tool in its hands [Russian leader Vladimir] Put it in.”

He added that such actions “do not only represent support for Russia… but rather support for war.”

Zelensky said Ukraine has proposals to present at the summit as a basis for peace, addressing nuclear security, food security, the release of prisoners of war and the return of Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russia. He added: “Time is running out, and children are growing up in Putin’s land where they are learning to hate their homeland.”

He added that Ukraine is “ready to hear various proposals and ideas that lead us…to the end of the war and a sustainable and just peace” and that the more participation in the summit, the more likely Russia is to participate in it. He said he would have to listen.

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In this, Zelensky’s second trip to Asia since Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the comments about China marked a more aggressive approach from the Ukrainian leader toward Beijing. He has previously sought to persuade China to pressure Moscow to end its war.

Since a phone call between Zelensky and Chinese President Xi Jinping one year ago, the Ukrainian administration has sought meetings with Chinese officials at all levels. But on Sunday, Zelensky said this had not been granted.

At the same conference held by Zelensky, Admiral Dong Jun, China's defense minister, denied Beijing's support for the Russian war effort.
At the same conference held by Zelensky, Admiral Dong Jun, China’s defense minister, denied Beijing’s support for the Russian war effort. (Environmental Protection Agency)

Ukraine and Switzerland had hoped that China would attend the summit later this month, but Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning indicated on Friday that this was unlikely. China was calling for a peace conference with equal participation from all parties, including Russia, which was not invited.

“There is still an obvious gap between the arrangements for the meeting and the demands of the Chinese side, as well as the general expectations of the international community. This makes it difficult for China to participate in the meeting,” Mao said at the time. the meeting.”

It was another blow to the summit after it was reported last month that US President Joe Biden was likely to miss the event to campaign in California ahead of the presidential election in November.

China has taken what it says is a neutral stance on the war in Ukraine, but its trade with Russia has grown over the past two and a half years, easing the economic impact of Western sanctions.

American, Ukrainian and other intelligence agencies also say there is evidence that Chinese parts end up in Russian weapons, even if China is not directly arming its neighbor.

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In addition, Grant Shapps, the British Defense Secretary, claimed that there is evidence that China is providing “lethal aid” to Russia, in comments that appeared to be a reference to weapons.

Earlier on Sunday, Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun told attendees of the Shangri-La Dialogue that his country was “working to advance the peace talks with a responsible attitude.”

He added: “We never provided weapons to either side of the conflict. We imposed stricter controls on the export of dual-use items and did nothing to fan the flames. “We stand firmly on the side of peace and dialogue.”

However, Zelensky claimed that China’s support for Russia would ensure that “the war will last longer,” which he said was “bad for the whole world.”

“[China] I can’t say that [they] He added: “We accept Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and at the same time we stand by the state that violates the principles of the United Nations Charter and the principles of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” He added that the two countries did not meet at the summit held in Singapore over the weekend.