July 22, 2024

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Daytona 500 results and updates

Daytona 500 results and updates

Myatt Snider was unhurt in a fiery crash on the final lap of the season-opening Xfinity Series race Saturday night at Daytona International Speedway.

Snyder crashed into the outer wall, crashing as the drivers maneuvered to gain a position on the back. He was hit by another car, causing his car to fly, and landed on a fishing fence, where wires cut bits and pieces from his car. Snyder immediately signaled he was fine and got out of the car.

Snyder was suffering from what he said was a left foot injury and predicted he would be able to drive next week’s race at Auto Club Speedway, saying he was “so lucky to be as fine as I am.”

Michael Jordan, now NASCAR team owner, had a front row seat with driver Bubba Wallace, who will drive the Daytona 500 on Sunday. (The stands were removed from the back after a number of fans were injured in shipwrecks in 2013 and 2015).

It was too close to a relief for Wallace, who leads Team Jordan and chirp“Crazy wreck right in front of us. Scary stuff.”

“I’m glad none of it hit you all,” Snyder tweeted In response to Wallace.

Snyder’s engine flew off and crashed into Matt Mills’ car.

“It’s the last cycle and everyone is trying their best to push as hard as they can, and I’m trying to maintain as much momentum as possible,” Snyder told reporters after checking out at the inpatient care facility. “I felt a boost, and then I started to feel the car going well and say, ‘Crap. I might be along on a tour here. I certainly was.”

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As he was facing backwards, he said, “I started seeing the racetrack and saying, ‘Okay, that’s getting better as he goes. “I think what happened was the left stern started yawning toward the fence and then the fence caught him and that really started tearing everything apart.”

He passed Austin Hill AJ Allmendinger on the last lap on the right, winning the race just as the crash occurred.