June 3, 2023

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George Springer leads, and the Blue Jays score 20 points in the win over the Rays

street. Petersburg – Bang. The balloon finally burst.

For a terrifying week, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for the Blue Jays. But on Tuesday night at Tropicana Field, whatever could go wrong was doing just that in one of the biggest offensive runs in franchise history, as Toronto scored a 20-1 win over the Rays.

It all started with the Blue Jays strumming together and playing the brand of clean assembly line baseball that had eluded them for so long. Two hours later, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. walked to the plate without his batting gloves and fired a slam dunk on Luke Raleigh — yes, the outfielder — in the ninth to put the Blue Jays ahead by 16. R even there.

The 20-1 win doesn’t undo the five-game losing streak or extend the 1-7 losing streak the Blue Jays just pulled off against American League East rivals, but it’s their most important victory in their first two months and fourth most. This organization has registered in the game. This isn’t just about winning, but how Toronto did it and where it all came from.

All nine players recorded at least one hit in the Blue Jays’ 27-hit blast, the second-highest total in club history and just two short of the record (29) set last season in Boston. I started out on top too, with George Springer going 4-for-5 and failing twice on the course. Manager John Schneider has said before that “George is what gets us going”, and there has been no better example of that this season.

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