June 25, 2024

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More than 50,000 additional cases, cases since July

The England Thursday registered more than 50,000 cases
Govit-19 For the first time since mid-July, the emergence of emergency calls to re-enforce restrictions such as wearing a face mask confirms ill health. The epidemic, which had been missing for weeks from current events and worries, suddenly reminded the British again. The country has one of the highest pollution rates in the world, equivalent to the violent waves of last winter.
Imprisonment. The number of hospitalizations and deaths is low, but rising.

The number of new daily cases reached 52,009 on Thursday and the death toll rose to 115, bringing the death toll to 139,146 since the outbreak began. The British government agreed on Wednesday that pollution would soon reach 100,000 new cases a day. But he rejected calls for the last deregulation in July, instead encouraging people over the age of 50 to get an incentive dose and encouraging unvaccinated youth to do so to avoid screwing up the Christmas approach.

“We stick to our plan.”

“The number of infections is high but we are within the expected parameters,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured. “We are sticking to our plan.” The British Medical Association accused the government of “deliberate neglect” and called for immediate action, saying the current situation was “unsustainable”.

The government lifted most anti-Govt restrictions in the UK in July. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which are proficient in health matters, continue to impose homemade mask wear. This liberal policy is one of the hypotheses put forward to explain the current degeneration, which mainly affects adolescents and young adults. Cited as the low vaccination rate for young people and the sluggish recall campaign for the elderly, they found that they get their first doses very quickly and their immunity deteriorates.

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According to the weekly report of the authorities for the UK, the number of cases is highest among 10-19 year olds, with a registered incidence rate of 1,366 cases per 100,000.