June 26, 2024

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Municipalities in New York in chaos following a counting error during the primary

The municipal election in New York seems to be descending into chaos. Officials acknowledged that the next mayor had miscalculated 135,000 additional votes, in addition to the actual 800,000 votes actually recorded during the Democratic primary.

On Tuesday, the city’s election office released preliminary results, according to which former police officer Eric Adams, who was 9 points ahead of his closest follower, is now neck and neck with Katherine Garcia, with 49% of the votes cast by 49% before the count.

A few hours later, the results were withdrawn, Office A “Difference” In numbers. He said he forgot to delete the test reports used to confirm the proper functioning of the system.

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Authorities have apologized for this “Wrong” The updated preliminary results have not yet been released, and test reports are said to have been removed from their new numbers.

A new voting system

The defeat caused a stir in New York, where the election office already had a bad reputation. “This is wrong (…) Not only is it a failure to count the votes correctly, it is the result of unresolved generational failures. ”, June 22, Progressive candidate Maya Wiley, who came in second, tweeted about the strength of the first preliminary results released on election night.

New York is echoing a new voting system for the first time, the so-called “priority” vote (failure).தேர்வு Ranking Exam, In English), which allows up to five names to appear on a ballot, which are listed in the option.

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During the count, the candidate with the lowest ranking in the total ballot is removed and the second choice of the voters who favored him is now counted. This process is repeated until a candidate reaches 50% of the vote.

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