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Persona's sister series Soul Hackers will have a sequel in August

Persona’s sister series Soul Hackers will have a sequel in August

As the world awaits more news of what Atlas has planned Barsona’s 25th Anniversaryadvertise the publisher instead Soul Pirates 2which is a game not 6 . character But it’s still pretty cool.

A welcome surprise in itself, Soul Pirates 2 It is a sequel to 1997 Demon Summoner: Spirit PiratesOne of the most mysterious things Shin Megami Tensei popup. Originally released for Sega Saturn In Japan, the game combined Demon Recruitment for its original series with a ’90s cyberpunk story about Paradigm X, a matrix-like digital world that was used in secret to steal users’ souls.

This sequel doubles as the idea of ​​a tech-backed mysterious matrix of the original, with a team of Devil Summoners working to avert an apocalypse that spans both the real and digital worlds, using the power of demons to help them. Like most Shin Megami Tensei Pop-up, this will likely involve gathering a lot of demons as well as crawling into dungeons, perhaps more than a little nostalgia for the unloved Sega Saturn JRPGs.

PSA for those interested in playing the first game: the only English-language version of Demon Summoner: Spirit Pirates came across Enhanced 3DS port Which you can still buy at the Nintendo eShop – but Just before it closes next year.

Soul Pirates 2 Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox Xbox X On August 26, 2022.

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