February 28, 2024

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She burns herself with too hot coffee and files a complaint against McDonald’s

She burns herself with too hot coffee and files a complaint against McDonald’s

Thirty years later, the first traumatic test, McDonald’s Another customer sued because the coffee was too hot. An 85-year-old American woman complained of first-degree burns while walking through a restaurant’s drive-thru. San Francisco (America), CNN reports. Although the lid of the container was loose, an eight-year-old girl was injured when she tried to taste her drink.

Today, the retiree is suffering “physical pain, emotional distress and other damages,” the complaint says. The victim also asserts that the brand’s employees did not help her.

Management protects itself

For McDonald’s, we deny these allegations. “We take every customer complaint seriously,” says the manager fast food In a press release sent to CNN. “My restaurants have strict food safety protocols, including training staff to make sure hot drink lids are secure,” he continues, while staff take the customer’s plight into account.

The case is reminiscent of another, more public case in 1992. After two years of proceedings, an 81-year-old woman was awarded $2.9 million and was severely burned by a coffee. Reuters recalls. After an appeals hearing the plaintiff finally agreed to receive $480,000.


But the octogenarian suffered second- and third-degree burns on 16% of his body from the liquid, which was 40 degrees hotter than other diners. The injuries of the client who complained on September 14 appear to be less serious because he was not hospitalized. “Her medical bills have to be paid,” her lawyer said.

This year, A McDonald’s in Tamarack (Florida) was ordered to pay $800,000. For a couple whose 4-year-old daughter was burned by Chicken McNuggets. During a trip to the drive-thru, a chicken fry fell and got stuck between the car seat and the child’s thigh, causing a second-degree burn.

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