July 22, 2024

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The first case of pollution was found in the islands of Tonga

The first case of pollution was found in the islands of Tonga

This first contamination in the archipelago was detected in an isolated individual. New Zealand.

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It is also one of the few countries that has so far survived the Govt-19 epidemic. The Tongan archipelago, a small kingdom in the Pacific, has detected the first case of Kovit-19 pollution, which has led to the risk of being controlled on the main island of Tongatabu, Prime Minister Bohiva Dionetova warned on Saturday, October 30th. This first infection was diagnosed in an isolated person returning from a stay in New Zealand.

Preventive action on Tongatabu Island is likely to take place next week. “I warned that the reason Lockdown did not happen this weekend was that it would take more than three days for the infected person to develop the virus before it became infected.”, The Prime Minister explained. “If we are convinced that more people are affected, we must use this time.”, Added Pohiva Tuionetoa.

Most of Tonga’s 106,000 people live on Tongatabu Island, and less than a third are fully vaccinated against Govt-19.

The victim received a second injection of the vaccine in mid-October, according to health officials. Members of the Tonga Olympic team were stranded in Christchurch from the Tokyo Olympics on a flight back from New Zealand. Athletes were fully vaccinated before leaving for the Olympics.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has confirmed that the victim tested negative before boarding in Christchurch.

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