May 24, 2024

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The NFL Draft’s Best Players Available for the Dallas Cowboys: 20 Names to Know on Day Three

The NFL Draft’s Best Players Available for the Dallas Cowboys: 20 Names to Know on Day Three

The Cowboys tackled defensive tackle, tight end, and linebacker during the first two days of the NFL Draft. Needs still at left guard, running and kicking. It wouldn’t hurt to add another corner and a wide receiver, too.

So, who is still available for Dallas on Day 3? Here are 20 players you should know.

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Kelly Ringo, CB, Georgia: A player who participated in the late first or second round.

Duane Jones, OT, Ohio: Sixth best tackle and the 62nd ranked player on the Brugler board.

Roshon Johnson, RB, Texas: It’s hard to see the Cowboys go through this draft without addressing the point running back at some point.

Chandler Zavala, OG, NC State: Brugler’s fifth-best guard and 77th-ranked player.

Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina: At about 6-foot-2 with arms over 33 inches, he has the perfect size for cowboys in this position.

Aidan O’Connell, QB, Purdue: The Cowboys are interested in adding a QB on Day 3. For a player like O’Connell, this could be as early as the fourth round.

Clayton Teun, QB, Houston: Brugler has Tune as a fifth or sixth option.

Max Dugan, QB, UCLA: He will likely be an option in one of the last two rounds or possibly as an undrafted free agent.

Zack Evans, RB, Ole Miss: Another possible option to pair with Tony Pollard.

Kenny McIntosh, RB, Georgia: High quality receiver from the background.

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Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati: At this point, wide receivers like this look like a lot of value, even if they don’t quite fit in with what the team is looking for.

AT Perry, WR, Wake Forest: Another potentially good value at wide reception. Berry is rated 6-3 among Brugler’s top 100 players.

Raiqwon O’Neal, OT, UCLA: Late round player Dallas has shown some interest in him.

Andrew Voorhees, OG, USC: His injury history could cause him to fall into the draft and potentially become a team trade.

Tyler Lacey, DE, Oklahoma State: A few quick passes help in the fifth or sixth round.

Durrell Johnson, LB, Liberty: A seventh-round pick or priority free agent the Cowboys have shown some interest in him.

Corey Trace, CB, Purdue: Brugler is a Trice 3rd degree holder. He’s another player who fits the size the Cowboys are looking for at center.

Eric Scott, CB, Miss Southern: Seventh-round pick or priority free agent.

DeMarco Hellams, S, Alabama: Brugler earned the sixth-ranked leading contender Alabama in 2022.

Tanner McAllister, S, Ohio: Seventh-round pick or priority free agent.

(Photo by Aidan O’Connell: David Berding/Getty Images)