June 26, 2024

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2,241 new cases of Govt-19 in a week, Martinique’s primary

From 12 to 18 July 2021 the number of cases doubled in a week with 2,241 cases. 5 new deaths are to be reduced. Stanislas Castles announces new measures to control the spread of the virus on the island.

With 2,241 new cases of Govt-19 In a week (between July 12 and 18, 2021), according to officials, Martinique is in the middle of the 4th wave. 14,972 tests were performed this week.

The incidence rate (number of cases over 7 days per 100,000 population) goes from 278 to 625 this week.

The positive ratio (the rate of positive tests in all analyzes) ranges from 10 to 15%.

The delta variant is advancing in Martinique, now accounting for 9% of new cases (2% last week).

At CHU, nearly 71 patients were hospitalized, including 9 in intensive care (up from 29 last week, including 7 in intensive care)

5 new deaths are to be reduced. CHUM now reports that 104 people have died since the outbreak began. 87 from Martinique, 9 from Guadeloupe, 1 from Saint-Martin, 6 from Guyana, 1 from abroad)

The total number of cases in Martinique since the outbreak is 15,654.

Number of persons with complete immunization schedule (1st and 2nd injection): 50,262 (15.62% of the population aged 12 years and above)

(Re) View Prefecture and ARS Martinique Press Point:

“We need to find a balance between freedom and responsibility.”

While we anticipate traffic ban measures, Stanislas Castles has chosen personal responsibility. So, he thanked the Health Pass for two new measures related to access to restaurants and certain places.

  • Catering activities will be closed in limited spaces and those in the open can continue and take off.
  • Bringing more than 50 people together at once becomes the health pass rule for theaters, cinemas and theaters and sports venues.
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The leader also called for the responsibility of all to face this 4th wave.