June 21, 2024

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A man who was abducted as a child thanks his mother at the age of 37 for a card drawn from memory

The 30-year-old Chinese man who was abducted when he was 4 reunited with his family last week. He drew a map of his childhood village on social media, which alerted local police.

A scene that can inspire a movie. Li Jongwei, a 37-year-old Chinese man, was reunited with his mother and village three decades after his abduction.

On December 24, he posted a map on social media that he drew, indicating that he remembered where he had spent the first four years of his life. Chinese media reported that he could not even remember his address or city name Sheet, Aired by Defender. But his painting attracted police, who linked it to a village in Yunnan province, while a mother lost her son.

Sold nationwide

In the face of coincidence, DNA tests were carried out, proving that the child was Li Jongwei who was abducted by a neighbor 33 years ago. On Saturday, he was able to return to his childhood village and find his mother kneeling in front of him. It left tears in front of the cameras. However, Li Jongwei did not get a chance to see his father, who died before he could see his son again.

According to him, the child was sold to a family 1,500 kilometers from his home village. However, the media did not mention how the man was adopted. Today, Li Zhangwei is married and has several children.

Child abduction is happening in China

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place in China. Last July, another kidnapped child found his father 24 years later. It was only after hearing about this that Li Zhangwei decided to seek the help of social networks.

“I realized I could not wait any longer because my parents were now old. I was afraid they were already dead,” he told Henan Television.

These disappearances are actually the result of what is known as the “one child” policy. In this context of controlling the birth rate in China, trafficking has increased, especially due to the demand of parents who are unable to have children. In recent years, authorities estimate that tens of thousands of Chinese youths are abducted each year, while three children per couple are now allowed.

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