April 19, 2024

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Kovit – The Mysterious Origin of Omigran Revealed: Variation Leaps from Man to Mouse in 2020

Found in humans in 2020, the Omicron variant reappeared at the end of 2021 with effects known to us. But where is the variation “hidden” for more than a year?

From its discovery, The Variation Omicron Plot. More contagious but less severe, The Clumsy Soon dominated the entire planet to break the record of Contaminants. And provoke a certain wind of panic among health officials who have not yet completed Obscure delta.

A variation that focuses the attention of the scientific community. And some mysteries have not yet provided their answers. Among them, its origin.

Where does Variation Omicron ? Of course, this is not an evolution Variation Alpha Where Delta. Its ancestor – who was harmless at the time – was also seen in humans in 2020. Therefore, many theories are opposed.

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Three dissertations

First, and long-term privileged: person with immunodeficiency. “A young woman inside South Africa Uncontrolled HIV infection was a carrier SRAS-CoV-2 More than 6 months “, Write to our colleagues in science. “The Virus Many of the same changes seen in variants of anxiety accumulated, while another patient’s SARS-Cov-2 infection still persisted for a long time.. A dissertation has finally been set aside: “The mutations that allow a virus to survive in a person over time will be very different from what it takes to spread from person to person.”.

Second study: a mutation within the hidden population. Reliable theory. But that is not possible in the midst of a global epidemic for so long.

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Finally, some scientists believe itOmigron Was able to hide in other animals. Also this page of the story can be accepted based on the evidence provided Study by the Institute of Genetics and Development Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Genetics Association.

According to this study, Omicron would have been headhunting for more than a year … in the middle Mouse. “We have suggested a pathway from Omigran’s ancestral infections (mostly in the mid – 2020s) to mice experiencing the reverse zonotic phenomenon from humans. By the end of 2021, when formed in mice, Omigron’s precursor would have undergone amino acid mutations in the spike protein to deplete it. Increased its binding relationship with ACE2..

The full study can be read here.

Kovit – The Mysterious Origin of Omigran Revealed: Variation Leaps from Man to Mouse in 2020