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What are the implications for France?

William Molini
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07:51 am, January 03, 2022

தகவல் Europe 1

Its price Cannabis
Will it increase? Will there be a new merchant war following the new law? Morocco
Paving the way for legal industrialization Therapeutic cannabis
In the Riff Valley? These are the hypotheses outlined in the Anti-Drug Office (OFAST) note last month and Europe 1 was able to consult.

Production is tolerated in the northeast of the country

In fact, cannabis trafficking and consumption in Morocco is severely punished. Use, for example, is often punishable by imprisonment and an increase of 17% for kidnapping each year. On the other hand, historically, the Production
In certain areas, especially in the Riff Valley in the northeast of the country, the central power is underdeveloped.

Therefore, the Moroccan authorities are looking for a way to recover the treated cannabis.

Very dangerous products

But a new law legalizing medical cannabis in Morocco this summer could have direct effects on the French illicit market. According to preliminary estimates, 30% of the area under cannabis cultivation is expected to be set aside for this legal action. Special police officers predict that this will be a “loss for drug traffickers”.

OFAST provides “an interim period for smugglers to implement their strategy”. This will have the least temporary effect on the supply of markets, which, even at the right time, will automatically increase the price of cannabis.

50% increase in violence during health crisis

Another effect is that this new legal market will stimulate criminal firms to isolate themselves and produce more concentrated resins in THC, products that are highly preferred by French consumers. This drug is also sold at a higher price (15 to 25 euros per gram, 8 euros for regular resin).

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In addition to the impact of this new law on local criminal organizations – which generate about ில்லியன் 19 billion a year in illicit cannabis and support 90,000 to 140,000 families, according to the 2019 report – “the intensity of this violence among rival groups will be revealed. […] Also in French territory “, write special police officers.

Tensions are expected among major importers, as violence between smugglers in France is set to increase by almost 50% by 2020. Health crisis

Visit of Foreign Investors in Rif

Finally, if the legalization of therapeutic cannabis does not undoubtedly prevent trafficking, it could create new forms of crime. Especially with the influx of foreign investors into the Riff Valley into the legal cannabis sector. The phenomenon has already been seen in Argentina since the legalization of medical cannabis in the country.

Morocco wants to become a central player in legal cannabis in the European market. But since other countries such as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal or Greece are already leading the market, “the country will not be competitive enough”. The French police have a number of reasons for this strategic positioning of the Sheriff’s Kingdom as a potential source of new tensions between farmers and drug traffickers.

As a reminder, Morocco is a world leader in the production of cannabis resin. Approximately 50,000 tons are produced each year on an area of ​​approximately 50,000 hectares.