March 4, 2024

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Afghanistan: A body was found in the landing gear of an American plane

U.S. Air Force soldiers make a horrific discovery on a plane departing from Kabul in recent days. “In addition to the uploaded videos and news reports of those who initially fell from the device, human remains were found C-17 landing gear When he landed at Al Udeid Air Force Base in Qatar, “said U.S. Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stepanek.

The plane landed and was loaded with U.S. military reinforcement equipment sent to Kabul to evacuate civilians. The U.S. Air Force has announced it will launch an investigation that will “help us get all the facts about this tragic incident,” Ann Stephaniek said.

Many Afghans tried to get down by all means

Many Afghans panicked as the Taliban returned to power this weekend in an attempt to oust it. Tried by all means to board an American plane This goes to Qatar including the C-17. Hundreds of people chased the plane as it ran down the tarmac at Kabul airport. Some tried to hang on the wheels and sides of the device.

“The crew, faced with the rapidly deteriorating situation around the plane, decided to leave as soon as possible,” Ann Stepanek explained. The spokesman did not give a full estimate or confirm the information that someone was crushed under the wheels of the plane.

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