June 13, 2024

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An incursion into the Russian region of Belgorod was reported

An incursion into the Russian region of Belgorod was reported

Denis Pushilin, the leader of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk region, announced that preliminary demining had begun in Bagmouth after the city was captured by the Russian paramilitary group Wagner’s forces on Saturday. “In the western suburbs [de Bakhmout], the defense lines are in place. So the Wagner group will leave Artyomovsk [nom soviétique de la ville] May 25 to May 1R “June”, Yevgueni Prigojine, head of the Wagner Forces, said in an audio recording. On Saturday, he promised to hand over control of the city to regular Russian troops on May 25. “If there are not enough units of the Ministry of Defense [pour occuper Bakhmout]There are thousands of generals [pour le faire]You just have to create a platoon of generals, give them all the guns, and everything will be fine.Mr. Prigozhin continued in the new spade sent to the Russian military high command, which he strongly criticized.

kyiv did not confirm Bagmouth’s loss. Oleksandr Chirsky, commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, said yesterday that his troops only controlled one area. “unimportant” of the city, but continued to advance on its fringes. “Our forces have taken the city in a semi-encirclement, which gives them an opportunity to destroy the enemy (…). Enemies must defend themselves in a part of the city they control.said Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine. In Telegram. Ukrainian troops are still protecting industrial facilities and infrastructure and have claimed part of the heights above them, he added.