May 27, 2024

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Antonio Brown complains about Tom Brady not throwing the ball to him

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Antonio Brownwho stormed off the field in a game against the Jets and said the team was trying to force him to play through an injury, complained on Instagram today that Tom Brady He didn’t throw the ball in that match.

In an Instagram post he later deleted, Brown posted that Brady told him he was going to get the ball in that game against the Jets, but Brady didn’t throw Brown as much as he should have.

Brown wrote: “He sent me there after learning I was wounded.” Tampa Bay Times. “Tom said he would throw it away If you come to play it hurts. I have come. He didn’t throw it. Imagine getting hurt and having to play through this and lie to you.”

But Brady threw five passes to Brown, of which he got three, before Brown took off his shirt and shoulder pads and left the field during the match. Oddly enough, Brown complained that Buccaneers coach Bruce Aryan pressured him to play through an injury, and that the Buccaneers did not give him the ball enough.

Brown also posted an MRI of his ankle, apparently showing him injured. But no one is arguing that Brown was injured. The only question is whether his injury was so severe that Aryan shouldn’t have ordered him to play. And it was the MRI that Brown posted from October, which doesn’t say much about his health in January, when he got off the team.

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The hacker released Brown and he is currently a free agent. It remains to be seen if any team will give him a chance in 2022.