March 4, 2024

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Apple is putting an end to the Beeper Mini’s iMessage feature for Android

Apple is putting an end to the Beeper Mini’s iMessage feature for Android

Apple appears to have closed the loophole that the Beeper Mini used to bring iMessage to Android, stopping blue bubbles from Android devices. Beeper Mini stopped working earlier today, with users receiving “Search failed on server: Search request timed out” error messages.

Bieber said on Twitter that he is Investigate this caseBut Beeper CEO Eric Migicowski said TechCrunch All Data indicates that Apple has in fact found a way to prevent the Beeper Mini from working.

Introduced on Tuesday, uses a Pepper Mini Reverse iMessage protocols and encryption, taking advantage of Apple’s iMessage servers to allow Android users to send blue-bubble iMessages to iPhone users. The app supports all iMessage functions, including read receipts, typing indicators, interactions, and more.

The Beeper Mini did not require an Apple ID, which is a departure from other less secure iMessage on Android apps like Sunbird. The way the Beeper Mini worked was Explained in depth in a blog post, giving Apple insight into how it works. The Beeper Mini was using reverse engineering from security researcher jjtech, which also He explained his methodology We shared our iMessage proof-of-concept on Github.

The app connected directly to Apple’s iMessage servers, registering Beeper users’ phone numbers as iMessage users to allow access to the blue bubble. After the Beeper Mini launched, there was immediate speculation that Apple would shut it down, but it wasn’t clear if Apple would be able to do so given the way it mimics actual iMessage users.

Apple seems to have found a way, so this could be the end of the Beeper Mini. Migicowski said TechCrunch The company will “evaluate options” to see what this means for the future of the app.

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