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Arden Cho from Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho refuses to revive the movie after offering her half the salary of her white co-workers

Arden Cho from Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho refuses to revive the movie after offering her half the salary of her white co-workers

Cut from the show without warning in 2016, Arden—the only Asian actor among the main cast—was offered “less than half the salary per episode” of the other white actors to return.

Last September, it was confirmed that the 2011 MTV series Teen Wolf It is set to return to the screens in the form of a new movie.

Twitter: MTVteenwolf

On February 15th, Paramount + a statement The cast list for the upcoming movie Teen Wolf: The MovieWhich is expected to be released later this year.

Dia Dipasobel / Getty Images

Fans were thrilled to learn that several of their favorite actors were about to reprise their roles in the supernatural drama, including Tyler Posey, who starred as main character Scott McCall, and Crystal Reed, who portrayed his love interest early in the season. , Alison Argent.

Returning to the screens with Tyler and Crystal, Colton Haynes, who played Jackson Whitmore, and Holland Roden, who portrayed Lydia Martin.

Shelley Hennig is also reprising her role as Malia Tate, alongside Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar. Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stelinsky (father of beloved character Stills Stelinsky); J.R. Born as Chris Argent; Ryan Kelly as Deputy Parrish; and Melissa Ponzio as Scott’s mother, Melissa McCall.

But while all the familiar faces are back, fans were disappointed to learn that three of the show’s lead characters haven’t signed on to appear in the upcoming movie.

Missing the list of returning actors was Dylan O’Brien, who portrayed Stills; Tyler Hoechlin, who played Derek Hill; Warden Cho, who took on the role of Kira Yukimura as Thunder.

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Arden portrayed Keira throughout more than half of the show, which ran for six seasons. Debuting in Season 3, Kira has become a primary toolkit in the series’ plot – as have her Japanese and Korean heritage, as well as East Asian myths.

@kitsunefilm When Kira joined the group, I was so excited to be playing poc and loved Japanese legends in season 3, it made this teenage wolf fun to watch! Without Kira S3, it would be boring when her opponents would understand it

Twitter: @scirqs

Not only did Kira win the hearts of fans for her strong feminist character throughout seasons 4 and 5, but she also grew memorable as the love interest of main character Scott.

In light of Kira’s great importance to the show, many users were initially upset to discover that Arden wasn’t ready to return in the movie.

On Tuesday, however, it was reported by Delivery time Arden turned down the opportunity to reprise her role after being offered “half the salary per episode proposed to her three peers”.

Michael Tolberg / Getty Images

According to sources, Cho, the only actress of color among the regular cast members on the four series, who played the group of teenage friends at the center of the show, was offered half the per-episode salary proposed to her three peers, which led to her decision to pass ” Delivery time books.

Jason Laveris / Movie Magic

We can assume that the three counterparts involved are the other actresses in the main cast: Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, and Shelley Hennig.

Given that Arden is the only Asian actor among this group – and the entire lead cast – fans quickly called identity politics into question, arguing that Element And gender Spreads, unfortunately, are not uncommon in the entertainment industry.

Mike Wendell / Getty Images

“They only offer, the only Asian woman, half the salary compared to the others, white, female actors? Go to hell,” one tweeted.

Stomach was totally sick of the way Teen Wolf treated Arden Cho when the show was still airing. Thank God I left. And now they’re making a movie and they’re only showing, the only Asian woman, half the salary compared to other white actresses? Go to the hell.

Twitter: heyitslrkrstl

“It’s so annoying how you can summon someone and then have the audacity to give them half the wages of their white stars!!! Krystal’s character is dead and he’s still being offered more to come back as a fucking ghost!!! Maneuvering this is a very disrespectful way,” another wrote.

It’s so annoying how you can call someone out and then have the audacity to offer half the wages of their white stars!!! Crystal is dead. She was still offered more to come back as a fucking ghost!!! This is a very disrespectful way to maneuver 🥴 https://t.co/nD2zWgY5XU

Twitter: rosy_sharpe

Some users have gone on to accuse the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, of exploiting Ardennes’ East Asian heritage for the convenience of the show’s plot, noting that it was pivotal to the seasons in which it appeared.

Amanda Edwards / WireImage

“The way this show and Jeff Davis consistently treat Arden Cho like trash is insane. They used Korean and East Asian culture when it fit their scheme but gave up every Asian character so easily,” one user tweeted.

The way that show and Jeff Davis have consistently treated Arden Cho is like crazy trash. They used Korean and East Asian culture when it suited their scheme but easily ignored every Asian character

Twitter: @illictaffairss

When the reported news started spreading via Twitter, angry fans continued to express their opinions. Many soon drew attention to the fact that Dylan O’Brien loved to tweet about Arden turning down the role due to the pay disparity, likely in support of his former actor.

One person wrote: “The fact that Dylan O’Brien loved a retweet like that says a lot.”

FilmUpdates people say this is fake. The fact that Dylan obrien loved to retweet this says a lot.

Twitter: @_Steph_2015

“This is shocking,” one person chirp. “They should have given her a bigger bag because she gave her everything in every performance when she was on this show,” someone else He said.

One user said, “Kira was the most interesting character and they had the nerve to push her aside like everyone else.” booksbefore noting that she had “limited screen time” and “was excluded from the show last season”.

Adding to the point, one person tweeted, “The way they approached her character was absolute rubbish. She had some of the most interesting backstory/strength and was an integral part of s3. She kept her in her apartment when she could have been.” Fantastic tour.”

FilmUpdates The way they handled her character was absolute rubbish. She possessed some of the most interesting backstory/background power and was an integral part of the s3. She kept it in her apartment when she could have been amazing 😢😢

Twitter: @notmerida

Before long, many users researched the history of Arden in a group Teen WolfNoting that her character, Kira, was suddenly cut off from the last season of the show without warning, despite her popularity among viewers and the delay of the story.

Matt Winkelmayer/Getty Images for InStyle

“This is far from absurd. Kira was one of the best characters on the show…They treated her +arden cho like trash at the time and apparently that wasn’t enough so they did it again, huh. Dylan’s like to tweet just confirms it. No I’m watching this movie,” one of them wrote.

Include Tweet Kira was one of the best characters on the show (& one of my favorite characters) " one of my favorite characters. They + arden cho treated her like trash at the time, and apparently that wasn’t enough, so they did it again, huh. Dylan’s admiration for the tweet only confirms it. I don’t watch this movie.

Twitter: @novaturieant

One person wrote on Twitter: “The fact that they cut Kira off the show is unbelievable.”

~Kira should return to the show~ The fact that they cut Kira from the show is just unbelievable. We want Kira back. #TeenWolf

Twitter: @xdylanxstilins1

Another echoed, “Sorry but the way Kira’s story has been shortened doesn’t work for me.”

Twitter: @arissweetcner

But it wasn’t just fans who were shocked by Kira’s sudden absence from the show.

John Scioli / Getty Images

Back in 2016, Arden entered the conversation herself with a character Video She posted on her YouTube page, explaining that she will not appear in the sixth season of the show, despite her assumption that she will.

“Many of you are asking about him Teen Wolf And what happens.” “I just want to say that I love Kira Yukimura very much. I love the Yukimura family. I loved my experience Teen Wolf. “

“It’s been three and a half amazing years,” she continued. “But unfortunately, it looks like we’re done with Kira’s story, and she won’t be back for season six.”

“I’m sorry there were some interviews where I said I was excited for Season 6,” she continued. “I think at the time we were assuming we were back.”

“I think sometimes on a show where there are a lot of characters, there isn’t always room for everyone,” she said. “So I guess that was it.”

Arden added, “I wish we could develop a few of her powers… and just [that] There will be more epic ending, but you never know Teen Wolf. “

Several fans have prompted speculation that she was not informed about her character’s sudden removal from the show, raising concerns about Arden’s treatment on the show. Teen Wolf Appointing and condemning the show’s creator, Jeff, for supposedly cutting her role without a word.

Michael Stewart/Getty Images for MTV

Despite the news that she was sidelined from the show in 2016, fans were hoping that she would appear in the final episode the following year, which saw the return of characters Derek, Jackson, and others, who had also been absent from previous seasons.

But, much to the dismay of viewers, this was not the case, and many fans posted on Twitter shortly after the final match aired to express their disappointment at Kira’s absence.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

“Slightly disappointed with the #teen wolf finale,” one person tweeted. “I felt like it didn’t completely solve things, there was supposed to be another season. A nice touch on calling up some regular actors from previous seasons, even though she misses Kira Yukimura.”

I was a bit disappointed by the end of the #TeenWolf series, I felt like it didn’t quite solve everything, like there was supposed to be another season. A nice touch on calling up some regular actors from previous seasons, although she misses Kira Yukimura. Anyway 6 nice seasons.

Twitter: @mikenontonmulu

Another wrote: “My favorite part of the ending was when @KIRA showed up at the last minute 2 to help everyone, wait it didn’t happen, oh yeah because it’s #TeenWolf aint sh!t”.

My favorite part from the end was when KIRA appeared at the last minute 2 Help everyone, wait it didn’t happen oh yeah because it’s #TeenWolf aint sh! t

Twitter: @Petty41899

BuzzFeed News has reached out to both Paramount and Arden for comment.

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