February 27, 2024

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At least six people died in the hostel fire

At least six people died in the hostel fire

6 killed in Wellington hotel fire The fire broke out around 12:30 a.m. (2:30 p.m. French time) on Tuesday, May 16. Police in New Zealand’s capital have not been able to provide an accurate count of the number of people at the hotel.

“It’s an absolute tragedy.”Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the death toll was likely to rise. Emergency services estimate that around ninety people were in the hostel. Many of them were missing, and the firemen reported that fifty-two people had been rescued, some of whom had taken shelter on the roof of the hostel and made it to the floor with a large fireman’s ladder.

“They evacuated a lot of people from the roof directly above the flames.”Brendan Nally, deputy commander of the National Fire and Rescue Services, told Radio New Zealand.

Nally said the motel had no sprinklers and the fire alarm did not go off automatically. One of the hostel’s residents, Chris, told public broadcaster TVNZ that he crawled out of his room to escape the toxic fumes.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard McLean said survivors of the disaster were now in an emergency center set up by the city.

“Our Worst Nightmare”

The emergency services were called during the night and the fire was very difficult to control. Wellington Fire Chief Nick Piatt said: “It’s our worst nightmare, it can’t get any worse. A fire like this in Wellington is only seen once in 10 years. »

A handful of elderly people, leaving behind everything burnt in the fire and dressed in pyjamas, rallied to help save the residents. “Many are shocked and appalled at what has happened”Added by Nick Piatt.

About 80 firemen and twenty fire tenders are working to douse the fire. A police spokesman estimated the final death toll would not be “not more than ten”He, however, insisted that he would be known only after he was able to gain access to the building.

Loafers Lodge describes itself as a budget establishment for business visitors or tourists to the capital. It is located near the city hospital, and has 92 rooms, sometimes available for longer periods.

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The cause of the fire is still under investigation “unexplained”Police said they were launching a joint investigation with firefighters.

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