May 27, 2024

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Australia. 5 children killed in Bouncy Fort crash

In Australia on Thursday, five children were killed and several others were seriously injured when the hopping fort they were playing at was blown away by the wind.

The accident happened during a season-long exhibition at an elementary school in Devonport, on the island of Tasmania (south).

The children fell about ten meters. Four of them, aged 10 to 12, were killed instantly and a fifth died at the hospital, according to Tasmanian police who began an investigation into the crash.

Pictures aired by the media showed police officers falling and describing “very difficult and painful scenes.”

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has expressed regret over the “shocking” accident. “Young kids are having fun outside with their families and it turns out to be this terrible tragedy, and at this time of year it breaks your heart,” he said.

The weather forecast forecasts “light winds” and sunny weather early this summer in the region off the northern coast of Tasmania.

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