March 4, 2024

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Britney Spears shares an old photo of Jamie Lynn, estranged from her mother, Lynn

Britney Spears shares an old photo of Jamie Lynn, estranged from her mother, Lynn

Britney Spears

Shares throwback photo of Jamie Lynn…


Britney Spears“The last post is worth another look…” because it seemed like an innocent reaction to her sister, but perhaps it was a cryptic dig at her mother.

The 42-year-old singer-songwriter took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon to share a sweet photo from the day with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears … BS appears in a black turtleneck sweater with JLS exuding 2000s chic in her brown hat and bright orange T.

Brett captioned the photo, “Throwback!!! I can't stop laughing,” followed by some laughing emojis. She even went so far as to tag her sister in the comment… so it looks like the two may still be in a relationship speaking!

However, there was another family member also in the photo, but he didn't make the cut on Spears' IG… 'Cause Lynn Spears It is off to the left in the actual pic!

Here's the full photo from 2002… Here's Lynn wearing a bright red shirt, a pearly white smile on her face.

So why didn't she make the cut on Instagram… There are a number of innocuous reasons for the exclusion such as Britney just wanted to show her faces and Jamie's faces – both of which were highlighted by rather funny expressions. Or maybe the full photo didn't fit on Insta, so Britney had to cut Lane's post.

but with All the turmoil In Britt's family of the past — and the fact that Spears didn't even mention her mother's chops in the caption — it's always possible that the two had a falling out despite their attempts at reconciliation.

We broke the story… Britney and Lynn started Work through their issues Weeks before Mama Spears Attend it Celebrating her daughter's 42nd birthday at the beginning of December.

the background

Everything seems to be going downhill right track …with Lynn Expressing hope Her daughter is coming to Louisiana for Christmas to keep the good times going.

Since then, we haven't heard a peep…suggesting that things may have fallen flat in their relationship even though we certainly don't know anything for sure.

the background

On a brighter note…it looks like Jamie Lynn is back in Britney's good graces! We knew that a reconciliation between the two was also taking place in December through the actress He won't tell us anything When we met her at LAX.

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So, it looks like we'll just have to wait and see if Lynn has anything to say about getting the ax from Brett's photo.

Stay tuned…

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