June 23, 2024

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Bungee Jumping: A young woman falls from the top of a viaduct and kills herself, thinking she should be tied up.

In Colombia, a 25-year-old woman was seriously injured during a bungee jumping operation. Thinking it had to be built, she hurried from the top of the viaduct.

A young woman, aged 25 and living in Medellin, Colombia, flew to Viaduct between Amage and Fredonia on Sunday, July 18th. There she wanted to make a jump with her boyfriend.

Assuming it was properly fitted, it introduced itself at a height of 50 meters, from the top of the viaduct. The Peale system is not safe. She was actually only fitted with the channel and would have jumped after hearing the supervisor’s “top”.

“She hurried”

According to the mayor of the municipality, who El Timbo testifies to the newspaper, She had really addressed her boyfriend who was properly fitted for her. “She was confused. The order was actually addressed to her fiance, who was already fitted. She had only the saddle, and hurried to take her order.”

The young woman, who was found 50 meters below, could not be resuscitated by emergency services. An investigation has been opened to verify that the company overseeing these bungee tabs has all the credentials.

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