May 27, 2024

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Corona virus: A new variant was discovered at a school in Britain

Brittany is under surveillance. A new variant of the corona virus was discovered in early October in a school in Bunnilek (Finister). 24 people were affected, including 18 children.

As a precaution our colleagues reported that two classes at Mona Ozouf Elementary School were closed. Telegraph.

This new variant is not compatible with any other genre currently known (alpha, beta or delta). To identify this new variant, four positive tests were sent to the laboratory for screening. “But the results did not match anything. They did not reveal the profile of the delta variant, or did not conform to the three mutations currently requested (E484K, E484Q and L452R),” a source familiar with the regional daily explained.

A variant that originated from abroad

Therefore more in-depth analyzes were carried out within the Institute Pastor. The latter, the model reveals many innovative mutations, especially in its spike protein, a protein that allows the virus to enter human cells. According to these analyzes, a small portion of this protein has completely disappeared compared to other types of corona virus.

Twenty-five or thirty rows of this new variant, called B.1.640, have been found worldwide. Especially in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Switzerland and Italy.

In Britain, the regional health agency noted that the patient of this new variant was 0 Nantes. In Pannalek, he contracted the virus during a party in the city’s families. According to the first elements of the ARS, “the virus was imported after returning from a trip abroad”. According to the Telegram, it will be a trip to Africa.

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