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Destiny 2 Miss Major Reveal - Witch Queen Setting

Destiny 2 Miss Major Reveal – Witch Queen Setting

A view of the Mara Sov mansion where Destiny 2 Guardians descend on the season of Final Lost Mission.

screenshot: Bunji / Kotaku

Today, after months of waiting destiny 2 Players are finally treated to the big reveal of Season of the Lost, which kicks off next week particle witch queen expansion. At least, these are the players who can get the new scene to work. For others, the only way to share in the big moment was to watch it on YouTube.

Lost Season, which began in August 2021, saw its final mission, the exorcism, earlier today. In it, players venture across the sky bridge They saw putting it together one week at a time To defend the inner sanctuary of Queen Oken Mara Suf while she was performing a ritual to purify the worm god that inhabits the witch queen, Savathon.

It’s a fun little task with Big bets, bigger showdown Against Hive troops storming the Soviet palace. There is only one problem: Currently set. Some players cannot count the game as having completed the task. Others can’t get it to advance in the beginning. And then there’s another group that can’t get to the conclusion of the mission’s pivotal scenes.

This is what happened to me after I finished the exorcism. The screen went black and then… I went back to space on the selection screen. I prepared the mission and … the same thing happened. My quest progress was logged but I couldn’t watch the ending, which I was supposed to answer one of the biggest questions of Lost season. I now know the answer not because I got to watch the cinema but because one of the NPCs in the final phase of the mission told me what happened.

It’s not entirely clear whether the cutscene isn’t playing for people because of bugs plaguing the rest of Exorcism or because players are exiting it too early after killing the boss. Because it’s a six-player matchmade mission, you’re at the mercy of the strangers you’re with, and it seems like whenever some players leave early it cancels the entire cutscene for everyone. Bungie Confirmed on Twitter He is currently investigating issues.

It’s a fairly compact conclusion of what was, on the whole, a destiny 2stronger seasons. Despite being the tallest, it still has a few intriguing character arcs, loot grinding, and fun freshness with the mid-season addition of the 30th Anniversary Update. The only real drawback is that it spanned more than half a year, twice the normal run time. Final Backloading on The last week witch queen go straight It was clearly intended to help raise the hype for the new expansion, but that now also means that players will only have a week to catch the closest they can before almost everything from the final year of fate Disappears.

The studio was generous enough to Reducing the recommended power level From 1270 to 1170 so far at least everyone else can enjoy the finale of Season of the Lost, at least once it gets to work.

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