June 23, 2024

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Faced with poor health, Germany is moving towards compulsory vaccination

Vaccination against Govt-19 may be mandatory in Germany: This was the preference expressed by incumbent President Olaf Schouls during a video conference on Tuesday, November 30, attended by Angela Merkel and sixteen laurel leaders of the country. ..

When asked by Bild TV after the meeting, Olaf Scholz said the text, which proposes a mandatory vaccine against Covid-19, would be reviewed by the Bundestag by the end of the year for implementation. “Early February or early March”. Politically important accuracy: he wants this text to come out of parliament, not from the administration, and every deputy vote. “According to his conscience”, In other words without group discipline. “It is not for us as a government to take the initiative because it is a matter of conscience, but I propose that the delegates put forward one or more proposals to fix the news. Rules”, The future Social Democrat (SPD) explained.


Like Angela Merkel, who won the presidency in the week of December 6, Olaf Scholes has so far opposed the imposition of a vaccine against Govt-19 in Germany. Asked about his turn, he justified: “We have always bet that the vast majority will believe it. If 80% of the population had already been vaccinated, or as in other countries, the situation would have been different, I would not have changed my mind.”

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With 68.5% of its adults fully vaccinated, Germany is within the EU average, ahead of other countries in the east of the continent, but Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Belgium. , Netherlands, Italy, France or Sweden. Although the incidence rate exceeds 450 cases per 100,000 citizens, its hospitals are on the verge of enrichment today: in the intensive care units, 10% of beds are still available, and in recent days he has mobilized to replace Air Force patients. One land to another due to lack of space in the companies of their origin. Unheard of since the onset of the epidemic.

The proportion of Germans who declared themselves in favor of such a move rose from 33% to 69% from mid-July to the end of November.

In the face of poor health, calls for compulsory vaccination against Govt-19 have multiplied across the Rhine in recent weeks. Moreover, public opinion on the matter has changed significantly. According to the ZDF Political Barometer, the proportion of Germans declaring themselves in favor of such a move rose from 33% to 69% between mid-July and the end of November. The end of 2019 will be a wonderful leap forward in a country traditionally linked to the freedom to choose based on the vaccine, as recalled by the heated debates sparked by the government’s decision to make the measles vaccine mandatory.

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