May 21, 2024

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Floods in Germany: Death toll rises to 180, 150 still missing

In Germany, 180 people lost their lives Floods in the western part of the country on July 14 and 15, And 150 people are still missing or inaccessible, officials said in a new report released Friday. An earlier report, on Thursday, said 177 people had died.

Rhineland-Palatinate area, most affected Violent bad weather that devastated many municipalities, 132 were killed and 766 were injured, Cobblens police said. In this region, according to the same source, 149 people are still preferred. “However, we do not expect the death toll to rise,” Land Minister Roger Levends told a news conference. On vacation.

Police use helicopters and about 30 sniper dogs to search the area, especially in the rain. “I do not know if we can find all the dead. We will not stop,” Roger Levents promised.

Fresh rain is expected this weekend

In the neighboring northern Rhine-Westphalia, 47 people died in the floods. Cologne police say they are looking for two people who are missing or unreachable. One person was killed in floods in southern Bavaria.

German meteorological services have called for awareness due to new rains announced this weekend in the west of the country.

In Belgium, where we are Counts 36 deaths And 11 are missing, the alarm system is being questioned. Victims have complained that they do not actually have all the information, especially when its valves are opened in a saturated dam, without all residents being evacuated unhindered. In a message sent to the AFP on Friday, Walloon Climate Minister Philip Henry said he believed “absolute clarity” was due to the population and that his administration should provide explanations.

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Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria were also hit by the floods a few days later.