July 21, 2024

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Germany bans coming from Portugal and Russia

Germany bans coming from Portugal and Russia

Portugal and Russia were added to the list of “different” countries by Germany on Friday, which almost prevents them from coming from these two states on German soil. Individuals admitted in Germany are forced to respect two weeks of isolation even with a negative PCR test.

Germany on Friday added Portugal and Russia to its list of “different” countries, almost banning them from coming from both states. From Tuesday, only German citizens or permanent residents of Germany will be allowed to enter the territory from these two countries, as rail, air, road or sea transport companies are prohibited from carrying other types of passengers.

Permitted people in Germany are forced to undergo two weeks of isolation, even with a negative test Govit-19.

Variation Delta

Portugal and Russia record sharp increases in cases of contamination with delta variant of corona virus, which initially appeared in India and is highly contagious. Fourteen countries were already at high risk, including Great Britain, India and Brazil.

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