July 22, 2024

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UK Health Minister Matt Hankok has resigned in violation of health rules

UK Health Minister Matt Hankok has resigned in violation of health rules

“Case closed”, Boris Johnson responded to a large scoop on Friday, June 25th The sun Reveals an extramarital affair between Health Minister Matt Hancock and his collaborators in his government, All in violation of the rules of health distance. Mr. HONG KOCK WILL NOT HAVE HAVE 24 HOURS: On Saturday, June 26, the ambitious Conservative MP, who has occupied the front of the political-media scene since the outbreak, presented his resignation briefly to the British Prime Minister in a video posted on social networking site Twitter.

“I would like to apologize again for not respecting the recommendations and for being subject to my family and my relatives. [ce scandale] », Mr Hancock, 42, said before adding it« [il] Will continue to support the government and the Prime Minister from the benches [le Royaume-Uni] And so on[it] Able to emerge from this epidemic – the end of which is now very near – and [se] Rebuild, the better “.

On Friday, a photo on the first axis operated by the British Tabloid Press was a little blurry, but left no room for doubt. This is a screen shot taken by a surveillance camera from the premises of the Ministry of Health and dated May 6, in which the Minister of Health kisses on the mouth, What do you want a woman, namely his employee Gina Goladangelo, 43 years old. Saturday, the The sun Uploaded a short video, more explicit.

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“I do not respect the rules of social exclusion”

Mr. Hancock was married with three children, and Mr.Me Coldangelo is in a relationship with Oliver Tress, the founder of the ready-to-wear brand Oliver Bonas. But the scandal did not end there: in early May, the British were not expected to have close contact with anyone in their daily bubble or outside the home – an order that was only removed on May 17.

These harsh “social distance” rules never stopped Matt Matt Hancock from recalling them. So, on May 16, to live on the Sky News channel, this economist through training, a former associate of former President George Osborne, further confirmed: “We must all be careful. Everyone knows the dangers: it is better to meet outside than to be inside.” In 2020, Mr Hancock was particularly harsh on star epidemiologist Neil Ferguson Daily Telegraph During the first imprisonment it was revealed that a woman had received a woman in her home. Mr. The health minister welcomed Ferguson’s resignation.

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