June 25, 2024

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Govt-19 – “Black fungus” disease has already killed 4,200 people in India, mostly people infected with the corona virus

This 50% malignant fungal infection is transmitted among Govt-19 patients.

In the last two months, less than 45,000 cases of black fungus or mycomycosis have been reported in India.

The infection can affect the nose, sinuses, eyes, lungs or brain. This has attracted particular attention in recent weeks in India where cases are on the rise. Serious cases, after all, make the medical community anxious.

More than 4,200 people in the country have died of mycosis. However, it is generally a rare disease, but it has spread among India among Govt-19 patients after recovery, the government said.

Among the explanations for this unprecedented development of the disease, “Experts attribute the dramatic increase in the number of cases of mycomycosis in India to the high use of steroids to treat Govit-19 patients.“In addition, corticosteroid therapy, which is indicated for the treatment of severe forms of goiter, promotes immunity, which promotes fungal infections. In addition, the Indian population is more susceptible to diabetes. Patients have received corticosteroids, which is why the current Indian situation is particularly favorable for the development of mycomycosis.

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