February 27, 2024

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Health Pass, Entry Conditions, Findable Paper … Three Things to Thoroughly Check Before Traveling to Europe

Grab your passport, take your sarong on board, and forget about everything in Ibiza (Spain), Patmos (Greece) or Pharaoh (Portugal)? Why, if your heart tells you. But do not forget your masks, the minimum required for travel, or the necessary health precautions when the Govt-19 epidemic starts again under the pressure of delta variation. Finally, some countries, like Malta, now restrict access to holiday makers, so keep these three things in mind to check before departure.

Check entry requirements for the destination country shortly before you depart

Preliminary Reminder: Any European country plays a primary role in its borders, so the conditions for entering its borders can be changed as it is better suited to protect its population. Malta’s example proves it: Since Wednesday July 14, Visit to this country Vaccination will be mandatory.

It is therefore strongly recommended to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website shortly before departure Travel advice Offered by country wise. Carefully consider the needs of your target country. Because the devil is sometimes hiding in the details. Be careful, the Qui D’Orsay website warns: “Malta considers that a complete vaccination schedule requires two doses of vaccine.” So, in France, those who have received only a single dose because it is already polluted will not be able to go to the Mediterranean island as of Wednesday.

“The European Union passengers with digital kovit certificate after they had tested positive for a dose of the vaccine will not be allowed to enter the country indicates that it keeps.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Malta

On his website

Similarly, the vaccination schedule can vary from country to country. Many states (especially Italy, Spain and Portugal) claim that 14 days have passed since your second dose of Pfizer-Bioendech, Moderna or Astrogeneneka. Others need less. In the Czech Republic, “Twin needle vaccinations 22 days after the first injection” People coming from France (14 days for single injection vaccines) are required.

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Check with your health bass that meets European standards

Step 2: Check your “European Health Pass” (Certification for a negative test orRecovery from -19 kovit, Or a complete vaccine with one of the vaccines approved by the European Union) Complies with European standards (photo below).

EU Digital Govt Certificate Available June 25 (SOLIDARITES-SANTE.GOUV.FR))

Because it is “CEU Digital kovit certificate“(His real name) n ‘After June 24 for the second time only to patients who received the vaccine, was presented in the form of a paper document. If you have been vaccinated before, the paper certificate issued to you after the second injection will not meet the standard of the pass approved in Europe.

To ensure that you have the proper documentation, you will receive this number On the site attestation-vaccin.ameli.fr, Downloads and prints. If you do not, you can integrate it into the TousAntiCovid application by scanning its QR code on your phone. Finally, if you can not download it from the Internet, call Medicare 3646 and it will be sent to you. It is necessary to think about what to expect: it is necessary to wait a few days to get it.

Check if you need a digital discovery sheet

Another obligation imposed by some European countries, such as Greece or Italy: Fill out a “Location Form” online before departure., Still invited “fEuropean Digital Discoverable Paper.

An approach which, again, is good to expect. You will need to register with a password and fill out a three-page questionnaire with specific information (traveler’s name, ID card number, vaccination date, permanent address, vacation address, etc.). You can add people you travel with (this avoids creating a new form).

Please note: For some countries this document must be completed the day before it is up to date. This is especially true in Greece “DAll travelers, regardless of their nationality and origin“, Really Mentioned on the Qi d’Orsay page. In principle, a QR code – one more – will be sent to you to certify the document. But since the two precautions are better than one, fill out the form, written confirmation by e-mail, keep perfectly obtained.