March 30, 2023

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Her child did not have a plane ticket and the couple decided to drop her off at the airport

The show took place on Tuesdayairport Ben Gurion of Tel Aviv, Israel. A couple abandoned their child so as not to miss a flight to Brussels (Belgium). TF1 NewsTake information from The Times of Israel.

It all started when the couple was late for luggage check-in. The counter is closed. To make matters worse, they had not ticketed their child, which was mandatory with Ryanair.

They leave the child at his convenience

Parents faced with this situation, with Belgian passports, would have made a surprising decision to say the least: leave their little boy at his convenience at the check-in counter. They would have rushed to try to climb the security doorAirplane. “All the staff were in shock. We have never seen anything like it. We couldn’t believe our eyes,” Ryanair was quoted as saying by Israeli media.

The couple was eventually stopped by airport staff who demanded that they pick up their child as soon as possible. The police interrogated them to understand what might have happened. On the other hand, no one knows if the couple finally managed to take the flight. Contacted by TF1 NewsRyanair confirmed the incident.

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